Here you will find some images from the video game, and Rath's support conversations and endings.

Official Art

Support Conversations

Rath and Lyndis
Rath and Guy
Rath and Wil


Rath- The Sacaen Nomad

In the celebration following Lyn's return to Caelin, Rath slips out unseen. Whether he has returned to Sacae or has continued to work as a mercenary, no one knows.

Rath- Wolf of Sacae

Rath returned to his tribe in Sacae. His deeds earned him warm greetings from his father the famed Silver Wolf.

Lyn and Rath

When her grandfather died, Lyn asked that Caelin be taken under Ostian protection. She set out for Sacae, where she was reunited with Rath of the Kutolah. They had a daughter and lived happily in the plains.


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