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 Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirits: Darc and Lilia Fanlisting:  Bound by Fate- Ninian and Eliwood (Fire Emblem) Fanlisting:  Final Fantasy 10: Tidus and Yuna Fanlisting:  Final Fantasy 7: Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart Fanlisting:  Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Ike and Elincia Fanlisting:  Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken: Hector and Lyndis Fanlisting:  Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones (Seima no Kouseki) : Eirika (Eirik) and Seth Fanlisting:  Kingdom Hearts 2: Namine and Roxas Fanlisting:  Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Namine and Riku Fanlisting:  Kingdom Hearts: Sora and Kairi Fanlisting:  Pokemon: Ash (Satoshi) and Pikachu:  Pokemon: Ash and Gary (Satoshi and Shigeru):  The Legend of Zelda: Link and Zelda Fanlisting:

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